The Solid Fuel Association is the official body representing the solid fuel industry in the UK. We are funded by the solid fuel producers (including wood fuel), fuel distributors, appliance manufacturers and retailers. Our key aims are to promote greater awareness of the benefits of solid fuel heating among the general public and to encourage both safety in use and best installation practice for the domestic solid fuel and wood burning sector.
We are responsible for protection of the consumer through the Approved Coal Merchant and Approved Wood Fuel Merchant Schemes and our advice services are freely available to both consumers and the trade.
Operating as a centre of expertise, the Solid Fuel Association has become the recognised authority on all matters concerning solid fuels both for domestic consumers and professionals such as heating installers and architects. In order to continue to provide our unique service, we are grateful for the support of our members.
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Supporters of the SFA:
Choosing the right fuel for your heating appliance ensures excellent performance and economic usage.
The LINKS page of our website gives details of fuel producers and wholesalers.

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From an open fire to a boiler providing central heating there is a solid fuel system to meet your needs.
Our website gives details of a range of appliances manufacturers.

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The new generation of solid fuel appliances give you the versatility to control your home heating.
Our LINKS page gives details of appliance retailers.

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The Solid Fuel Association - Registered Office: 7 Swanwick Court, Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7AS.
Helpline: 0845 601 4406 / 01773 835400
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